Hi! My name is Makenna Fisher. I am Dave's granddaughter, Joe's daughter, Jack's sister, & so forth. I am one of the many members in my family involved in the daily functions of Dave's Food Mart. I am the head of our human resources & marketing departments. I handle the hiring, firing, scheduling, payroll, & social medias for both of our locations.

I wanted to personally welcome you to our new, revamped website featuring a BLOG! I love the idea of heading a blog that reflects the successes and failures of a local, small business like ours. We have so much going on & being able to share it would be an awesome tool. I look forward to sharing the behind the scenes aspects of a business & hopefully opening up a whole new perspective on the importance of shopping local.

Please email me at if you have questions, comments, or concerns about anything on this site or any future blog posts.

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