Meet Our team


Joseph Fisher


Joseph is Dave's oldest son & has been working at the store since he was 14 years old. He is a leader in the operations of the store & maintenance of the facilities. His work ethic is unparalleled & he has helped build this business to what it is now.


Philomena (Phil) Fisher


Philomena is Dave's wife. She helps with business decisions & played a key role in our Avery project. She is a positive, uplifting spirit & participates at St. Paul's Catholic Church.


Makenna Fisher

Human Resouces/Marketing Director

Makenna is Joseph's daughter & handles all employee relations & marketing strategies. She graduated from St. Paul High in 2017 & is currently a board member for the United Fund, a local non-profit organization as well as a partner for the Firelands Forward group. She is also ServSafe certified.


Jack Fisher

Vice President of Operations

Jack is Joseph's son & handles the everyday finances of the stores. He handles the shift calculations, pull tabs/lottery inventory, & Norwalk's beer igloo stock. He helps oversee the general day-to-day functions. He graduated from Bluffton University in 2017. He is also ServSafe certified.


Amy Rogers

Cold Deli Assistant Manager

Amy has been a unique personality on our team. Her positivity radiates everywhere she goes. She plays a main role in our deli functions & is Cari's "right-hand."


Amberly Starrett

Kitchen Manager-Norwalk

Amberly started out working our old 2-7pm shift and has worked her way up to our full-time first shift kitchen manager. Her ServSafe certification ensures all of our food remains safe.


Danielle Priest

Tobacco Supervisor-Norwalk

Danielle has been one of our most exemplary customer service clerks. She is one of our fastest drive thru cashiers. She recently was promoted to handling tobacco orders/inventory.


Cecelia Hokes

Kitchen Manager-Avery

Cecelia has been a loyal asset to our team. She originally started at our Norwalk location and transferred to Avery when our new facility was opened. She plays a key role in kitchen functions. Cecelia is also ServSafe certified.


Julie Guerrier

Hot Deli Manager

Julie is Dave's oldest daughter & handles all of our lunch specials for both stores. All specials are made by Julie & she has established our famous $6 lunch special reputation. She is also ServSafe certified.


Cari Johnson

Cold Deli Manager

Cari has been with the Dave's team for over 20 years. She oversees all cold deli operations & makes everything fresh in-house daily. Her deli sandwiches, salads, & wraps are sold at our Norwalk and Avery stores as well as West Side Sunoco and Village Drive Thru. She is also ServSafe certified.


Sue West

Stock Supervisor-Avery

Sue has been a huge asset to our Avery functions. She oversees all inventory in our pop coolers & beer igloo at Avery. Her work ethic & organization skills ensure that our customers never go without their favorite products.


Tracy Boswell

Stock Supervisor-Norwalk

Tracy is a one of a kind cooler manager. Her positive attitude has been a blessing to our Norwalk crew. Her organization skills & drive to accomplish things have brought a fresh perspective to our cooler functions.